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One of avon_09's requests was Jensen/Jared, ice, cranky Jared, Impala. With the current weather out west, it seemed to be just perfect. Many thanks to the lovely KimberlyFDR for the beta. Hope you enjoy it!

Arctic outflows are a bitch, and filming during them is even worse, this is a fact that Jared Padalecki learns very quickly.

Jared was usually very relaxed about the layers that Sam wore. It was hot when they were filming in what Vancouver considered to be hot weather, but in the colder weather it was usually a godsend. Well, usually. But during this weather, a damn arctic outflow, even the multiple layers of shirts and hoodies barely made a dent.

The crew had dragged them out to the middle of nowhere and, yeah, the final product would probably look awesome, but it was so damn cold it wasn’t even funny. Jensen seemed to be handling it pretty well, as did everyone else out there, but the dampness just seemed to sink into his bones and he couldn’t get warm.

Thankfully, the Impala was there and the heater was blasting, but the second it turned off any warmth there was seemed to be sucked right out of the car. Probably because of the damn wind. He knew it was somewhere around the negative twenties, and yeah that was a bit much.

It was at that moment that the driver’s side door opened and with it came a blast of cold air.

“Shut the door!” he yelped, curling in on himself, which was quite a fear. “Get your ass in and shut the goddamn door.”

Jensen all but slammed the door before turning the vents toward him. “Holy crap that wind is brutal.”

“No shit.” Jared pulled his knees even closer to his chest as he attempted to curl even closer to the heat.

Pulling off his gloves, Jensen eyed Jared oddly. “You okay there, Jay?”

“It’s the damn arctic out there, Jensen, what do you think?” Glaring up at Jensen from over the edge of his scarf, he curled up against the door. “Now fuck off.”

Jensen held his hands up, eyes wide. “Woah there, Sparky, calm down.”

Jared continued glaring. “I’m calm. I’m just fucking cold, and you know that I don’t do well with this crap.”

“I know." Jensen nodded in agreement. “Something about the Texas boy in you comin’ out full force.”

Shuddering, Jared rubbed his hands together. “I can handle anything over 100 in the summer no problem, but hit me with this and I’m done. Now can we please stop talking?”

The car descended into an awkward sort of silence, the only sounds coming from the engine and the howling wind outside.

Jared could see Jensen frowning, staring at the crew as they hurried around in the blowing snow. Seeming to make a decision, he was out of the car in a flash, the door slamming behind him.

Grumbling, Jared attempted to curl in on himself even further, cursing silently at the vents for not producing more heat.

When Jensen finally came back, Jared was surprised at the speed that he managed to get back into the car.

“We’re going home.” Jensen stated firmly. “Now.”

Jared frowned. “What? Why? Aren’t we still filming?”

Jensen shook his head. “They decided to close it down for the night. Weather’s only supposed to get worse and they want to get everyone home before they’re stuck out here. Besides, they got everything the need from us tonight.”

“Really?” Jared’s voice was incredulous. “Doesn’t seem like we did anything at all.”

"That's probably just the cold affecting your brain." Jensen shot back, smiling playfully. “Now come on, get that ass of yours moving. The car's waiting for us already, all nice and warm.”

“Oh god, warm.” Jared scrambled out of the Impala, jerky movements causing him to stumble more than once, but he made it to the car in good time. He could see Jensen following behind him at a slightly more sedate pace, pausing for a moment to toss the keys to one of the stunt guys.

They managed to stay on separate sides of the SUV on the trip home, Jared still trembling and he could tell Jensen was trying not to reach across the space and pull him close. Even with the weather as bad as it was, the trip home seemed shorter than he had anticipated, and before long Jared found himself looking at the front door of their house. The dogs were taken care of, safe and sound at a border for the night, a they had anticipated more time spent away. For now the house was silent and empty.

Jared allowed Jensen to pull him inside and once they were through the doors the other man began stripping him efficiently.

"Come on,” he urged gently, shrugging out of his own jacket once Jared was suitably undressed. “Come here.”

Without saying a word, Jared barreled forward, wrapping his arms around Jensen tightly. He shivered, but he could feel Jensen’s warmth starting to seep into his skin. Time passed slowly and even though they were standing in the middle of the front hall, Jared felt himself starting to drift.

“Bed, Jay.” Jensen’s voice was soft in his ear.

Jared nodded and began to slowly pull away. “Mmmkay,” he yawned. “Bed sounds good.” He wobbled slightly, but he caught himself and began the trek up the stairs.

The bedroom was cool when he walked through the door, but Jared knew it would warm up quickly once they were under the covers. It was comfortable, still warmer than his skin had felt while they had been out on location so he had no problem stripping down the rest of the way. He was in bed by the time Jensen finished closing the house up for the night

“All set?” Jensen asked as he undressed, dropping his clothes into the hamper.

Shifting under the blankets, Jared mumbled tiredly. “Yup. Ready.”

Jensen smiled at him as he climbed over the covers. “Good, now shove over.”

“Hey, watch your knees.” Jared’s mouth was twisted into a frown, but his eyes were alight with mischief.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah." Jensen grinned as he crawled under the covers next to Jared “Now come on, sleep.” Leaning over Jared, he turned off the lamp

Curling up on his side, Jared flung an arm over Jensen’s waist. “Still cold," he admitted tiredly.

“Sleep, Jared. If you sleep you’ll warm up and you’ll feel better in the morning.” Jared felt Jensen stroking his arm and it was almost hypnotic. “Sleep.” Somehow it became easier at that point to just drop off, and Jared did without another thought, content and warm.


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avon_09 (avon_09)

2009-12-27 03:57:14

Aw, this was warm and tender. At least Jared had his Jensen to look after him. Thank you so much.

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fluffyllama (Llama)

2009-12-27 08:28:02

Mmmm, that's very sweet. Lovely.

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Guest (Liss)

2009-12-28 19:18:29

Aw, I liked this very much.