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Darkrose (darkrose)

Joanne (phoenix1969)

Star Trek 2009

Bruce Greenwood/Karl Urban




Filming Star Trek wasn't the same as Lord of the Rings, but that didn't mean Karl couldn't find someone who pushed all of his buttons.

Bruce dipped two fingers into his wine glass and held them out. Karl crawled over to Bruce as quickly as he could manage. He licked the Shiraz from Bruce's long fingers before sucking them into his mouth.

"So fucking hungry for it, aren't you?" Bruce reached down with his free hand and carded his fingers roughly through Karl's hair. "Fucking slut." Karl could hear the genuine affection in Bruce's voice, and he wondered again how he'd gotten so goddamned lucky.

Lord of the Rings had been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the kind of shoot every actor dreams about, but only a few get to have. Karl hadn't expected Trek to be the same--and it wasn't--but there were some eerie parallels, especially with the cast. JJ didn't give off as strong a "mad genius" vibe as PJ had, but he could still be pretty damn intense. Anton's exuberance often made him think of Elijah, and the unit everyone referred to as ChrisandZachandZoe reminded him a lot of TheHobbitsnOrli.

And then there was Bruce.

Early on, they'd all gotten into the habit of coming back to Bruce's place and hanging out after leaving the set for the day. By the end of a given evening, Chris, Zach and Zoe had combined into a single amorphous entity with limbs sticking out everywhere. Anton would be flirting indiscriminately with Rachel and John or playing chess with Bruce and winning more often than not. Karl played a game against Bruce and swore never to do it again, and not just because Bruce kicked his ass six ways from Sunday. No, the real problem was that Karl couldn't stop staring at Bruce's hands.

Bruce had big hands, with long fingers that managed to be almost delicate when he was moving a chess piece or playing guitar. Karl went home and jacked off that night, imagining Bruce's hands hot against his ass as he gave Karl a thorough spanking, and those long fingers curled around Karl's dick.

Karl suspected that as a top, Bruce would have a little of Viggo's ingenuity, and maybe some of Sean's pure sadistic glee, mixed with a sizable helping of his own laid-back attitude and desert-dry sense of humor. But even with the similarities, Trek still wasn't Rings, and Karl had no idea how to ask Bruce if he happened to be a bisexual kinky top in an open marriage.

As it turned out, he didn't have to. One evening, after they'd all been swapping stories and Karl had mentioned Viggo and Sean a few times, Karl stuck around to help Bruce clean up after everyone else left. Bruce finished loading the dishwasher, turned to him and said, "So, was it Viggo or Sean who was the top? Or both?"

Somehow, that had led to where they were at the moment: Karl on his knees with a metal plug up his ass, licking wine off Bruce's fingers. Not that Karl was complaining or anything.

"God, you're fucking gorgeous like that," Bruce murmured, his voice hoarse.

Karl felt his face heat up. He knew that he was a good-looking guy, but he also was well aware that he wasn't pretty, not like Chris, or John, and certainly not like Anton. Bruce wasn't doing any of them, though; he'd made it clear up front that he wasn't interested in training a boy from the ground up. "I'm not playing Henry fucking Higgins here," he'd said, "and I don't need a kid who's young enough to be my son. If I'm doing this, it's going to be with somebody who knows what he wants."

Bruce rubbed his thumb against the side of Karl's face briefly before taking his hand away. "Time to move this into the bedroom. Bet you want that plug out of your ass. Go on in--I'll be right there."

Karl got up and went into the guest room and stretched out on the big bed. Bruce joined him a few minutes later, raising an eyebrow when he saw that Karl was still dressed.

"You know, it's going to be kind of tough to fist you with your pants on," he pointed out. Karl sat up, staring at Bruce's hands.


Bruce shrugged and set the lube and a box of purple latex gloves on the nightstand. "I seem to remember that being on your 'yes' list. Why do you think I wanted you to wear the plug? You said it had been a while."

It had been--way too long, as far as Karl was concerned. He stripped off quickly, dumping his clothes into a pile in the corner before flopping back on the bed. Bruce grinned at him and pulled a glove on his right hand, letting it snap audibly.

"Get those legs open, slut," he growled. Karl thought about making Bruce work to get him down, but they both knew Karl wanted it, so there really wasn't any point. He settled back and spread his legs.

"Good boy." Bruce slowly drew the plug out, and Karl made a sound that might have been a whimper.

Bruce patted his thigh. "Don't worry--I'm about to put something up there that I think you'll like even more. You ready?"

Karl nodded, took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. "Yeah." Bruce just looked at him, and he quickly corrected himself. "Sorry...yes, Sir, I'm ready."

Most of the time, Bruce was pretty relaxed, but during an actual scene, he liked to be a bit more formal. That had been difficult for Karl at first--neither Viggo or Sean had been into that sort of thing--although he'd found that it helped get him get into the right headspace, even if it did tend to make for a couple of weird moments during filming.

Bruce started off with two fingers and a lot of lube, his expression as serious as it had been earlier when he was playing chess with Anton. "So fucking hot," he muttered, bending down and licking the tip of Karl's dick.

"You're trying to kill me, aren't you, Sir?" Karl managed to get out. "JJ's going to be fucking furious if he has to recast at this point."

"Now where's the fun in that?" Bruce reached up to tweak one of Karl's nipples; Karl yelped. "I've got to keep you around so you can make more noises like that. Breathe."

Karl took another deep breath as Bruce carefully worked a third finger into him. This was the part Karl loved--the stretch, the slight burn and wondering if he really could take more.

"That's it...that's my boy," Bruce said. He let his hand go still, giving Karl a chance to adjust. "Ready for more?"

"Yes, Sir...please."

Bruce added a fourth finger. Karl was shivering, even though the room was far from cold, and Bruce petted him gently, stroking his sides and chest.

"Hey. I've got you. Relax, boy. We'll take it nice and slow."

Karl shook his head. "No, Sir...please, I can take it, I need it, please..."

Bruce laughed. "Jesus, you are such a fucking whore--you're almost as bad as Chris. Okay." He added more lube and pulled his hand back just far enough to fold his thumb against his palm.

Karl closed his eyes and tried to remember to breathe as Bruce pushed his hand into him. He was so full it almost hurt, and he was flying.

"Good boy," Bruce whispered. "I've got my whole fucking hand inside you, and you're taking good for me." He smiled, eyes crinkling at the corners. "So...can you come for me like this?"

"That's...kind of a silly question. Sir," Karl said, gasping as Bruce twisted his fingers in just the right way. Then he couldn't speak, because he was arching off the bed and shouting incoherently because fuck Bruce was brilliant and knew exactly how to push every one of Karl's buttons.

Karl was just fine with that.


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Joanne (phoenix1969)

2009-12-27 04:09:55

Oh my god, this is hot. I love it so much. I'll leave more coherent comments when I have longer to be at the computer, but I had to say how much I love this. Thank you for writing it for me :)

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Guest (DypererperAc)

2012-10-06 01:40:01

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